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Monday, June 24, 2013

Anahata-Functional Archetype-The Lover

The world loves a lover, including the lover.  You know when you are in the presents of a lover because you have a warm fuzzy feeling of love when you are near them.  They are happy, and their love flows out to everyone around them.  This love is not binding, and will flow to you regardless of who you are.  There are no conditions placed on this love, and no expectation of love in return.  The lover loves you as you are, right now and right here. 

Do you remember falling in love, and how it made everything in the world seem wonderful and right?  This is how this person flows through life.  Even hard times do not diminish their capacity for love of self and others.

Young children, old people and possibly animals seem to be drawn to the lover, as they sense the lover’s aura.  The lover is generous in all things such as love, time and money.  This is a wonderful archetype, and one that you will want to develop in your life if it isn't already there.

Bring out the Lover in You

The following questions will possibly dredge up some hurtful emotions.  Do not plow into this exercise before you are sure that you are prepared for the emotions.

1)  Forgiving and releasing the past takes courage.  Are you willing to forgive those who hurt you and release the pain of separation, hurt and loss?  Forgiving usually starts with forgiving our parents.  They are the core relationship from which we form our character, and from which we create the delusions which separate use from love.  Look carefully at your parents or primary caretakers and be willing to forgive them for their limitations to loving you.  Release your feelings about not feeling that you had enough of what you wanted or deserved.  Try to realize that they were doing the best they could with their own limitations.  This may help you to forgive them more easily.  You can start with a simple sentence like: “I forgive you and let go of the past.”

2) Now move on to forgive anyone you feel didn't love you in the way you wanted to be loved.  This can include former friends, lovers, partners, colleagues, teachers, and so on.  These can be people from your past or from the present.  Again, saying a simple sentence like the above will do.

This one is a tough one.  I had to think deeply about this.  The questions flew in my head: Do I need to seek these folks out to prove I let go?  How do I know that I really let go if I never seek them out?  I have no reason to want to see them again, does that mean I didn't let go?  I think you have the idea now.  The answer is “Whatever will be, will be.”  I don’t think we have to prove this to anyone but ourselves.  If we don’t seek them out, is it enough?  Let your inner self be your guide.

Repeat the sentence and consciously try to let go of your resentment.

Your Higher Self, which is so closely linked to your heart, will protect you from being overwhelmed by negative feelings that you are unable to handle.  Trust yourself to find the love in your heart that you need for this exercise.

3) Forgive yourself for being hard on yourself, for your self criticism and self-punishment. The voice in your head that tells you these things is the true devil, who is the father of lies.  You may have felt it was your fault for not receiving the love you needed in the past.  Love yourself now.  Be responsible for the love you want in your life. Love given not only sheds rays of love on the person receiving it, but it shines equally brightly on the giver of the love.  As a line in the Prayer of St. Francis, “for it is in giving that we receive”.

Acknowledge that are lovable  and give love fully. Love is the way to peace. The bible put it this way, “Love thy neighbor as they self.”  Accept yourself and the situation you are in.  This acceptance will heal your heart and let love flow. 

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